We can’t even talk to each other, let alone make decisions together. Is mediation really appropriate for us?

If both of you agree that you do not want to waste your family’s money on attorneys’ fees generated through litigation, then mediation will likely work for you. All of our mediators are attorneys who specialize in minimizing hostility and creating an environment that allows the parties to voice their opinions and preferences. It is our function to help you to reach a resolution together, even if you feel hostility or anger toward each other.

In a typical litigated case, both lawyers “fight” for their clients and try to “win,” which usually leaves either, or often both parties, feeling like they’ve “lost” and that the system is unfair. In such a situation, hostility is often increased, rather than lessened, and the anger and resentment may continue for years. Mediators are trained to keep in mind the long-term goals of the family and to help everyone move on without bitterness. Mediator-guided resolutions adopt a “win-win” approach. Each party voices their opinions and ideas and, in the end, actually work together and compromise to reach an agreement. A sense of having been treated fairly and participated in the final agreement allows everyone move on in their separate lives more satisfied and less bitter.

There are occasional unique cases that present issues that can only be resolved via court order and the court system. We will inform you if mediation will not work for you and will be happy to provide you with a list of competent and professional attorneys who can assist you in Court. However, cases that cannot be resolved via mediation are few and far between, (roughly 95% of our cases reach successful resolution).

Mediation is a small investment of time, money and energy compared to what you will expend on litigation through the Court system. It is worth the small investment to see if mediation will work for you before you litigate your family related issues.

Our mediators will be happy to help you determine the best option for your family during this difficult time. Contact us now at (631) 419-6111 or contact us online for a Free Consultation.